Before digging use string to mark your post hole centers every 10’ or 8’ depending on
the length of split rail you are using (10' rail - 10' center) for the total fence area.  Use a
post hole digger or auger to dig all holes about 8"-12" diameter and about to 27" inches
deep so that bottom rail is approx 12" off the ground.  

Start installing at one of your corner (or end) posts (plumb and straight).  Tie a string to
this post and also at the other end of fence line and pull tight.   After the post is level &
straight backfill with either some gravel or dirt from the hole (If you are using concrete,
make sure it is BELOW ground level).

Ensure that the widest side of the crosser rail is up. (this gives the fence more
strength).   Slide the rails into the pre-drilled holes of this post. Then do the same for
the next. It sometimes helps to angle the second upright post so you can start at the
bottom to put in each rail.  

After all rails are in place use a soft rubber mallet to gently tap the outside of the post
pushing in towards the rails which will then snug the rails securely into both posts.
Continue but first make sure the post is in the correct position straight up and in line
with your new fence.  Once it is lined up and at the desired height, pack the dirt around
it.  Repeat.  

When the fence is finished you can still raise or lower fence posts to give the perfect
finished look by using a jack close to the post to raise it up a level then re-pack the dirt,
or if you need to lower the post hit the top of the post it may take a few hits but it should
work.  We also recommend using a deck screw (stainless steel) and drill one screw into
each post at all the ends and corners.

Entrance Gates that are 48 inches wide require a 52 inch opening.
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